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Beginning as early as possible in the life of a project, the Group engages with  reconstruction and operations teams, as well as the project’s designer of record, to identify potential design and construction risks and opportunities to add value with engineered solutions.

On a design-build project, a Group Design Manager provides insight, guidance, and leadership related to both the design itself, and the execution of that design — from the creation of project scope and contract agreements, through and beyond.

Design Managers in turn engage the expertise of Design Specialists, who bring advanced technical knowledge of individual disciplines, as the team determines the extent of the involvement. Together, Design Managers and Design Specialists review and evaluate the project’s design development, discipline by discipline, from soil load characteristics to thermal performance to fire egress layouts.

The studies and observations that result from the design evaluations are then submitted for designer, engineer, and owner review. Taken together, the Group process encourages collaboration and the sharing of innovative and out-of-the-box solutions, and reflects the group’s goal to meet client needs and exceed client expectations with optimized design solutions.